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Patterned Thai Fisherman's Trousers

Girl wearing trousers

Hand crafted from your choice of material these are the first style we offered and are always our biggest seller. Combining comfort with style you'd be mad to go though the summer without a couple of pairs to hand.

We can make trousers to order using any materials that are suitable. Just get in contact with Thip and you can make arrangements


Our ever expanding range of materials, we always have a wider selection on the stall, it's just not possible to update this page fast enough.

Click on an icon to see a larger version, and hover your mouse over the icon for the materials name.

We also have some wool materials available, please contact Thip for more information, the prices range from 40-50 pounds.

Medium Weight Cotton

Very Light Weight Cotton




BatiK Print Materials

Floral Print Materials

Thip Herself

I first came to England in 1991 for a brief time to visit my husband's family and friends.

Then in 1998 made my second visit but this time on a permanent basis.

I felt the need to achieve my own goals, so my husband and I decided to set up our own business and have a stall in Camden Lock Market.