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News & Updates

We're Moving to Thailand! :: 3rd October 2015

Exciting times are a-foot, the months of planning have finally paid off! We're moving to Thailand, and sooner rather than later. This means you won't be selling thai fisherman's trousers at Camden Market anymore. Please, watch this space for future business enquiries.

We hope to announce something bigger and better, but please bear with us while we set up our new home.

We are so thankful for all the support we've recived from each and every one of you over the years! It's with some sadness and a lot of joy that we say our goodbyes.

Shop Closed, but market stall still trading :: 15th Sept 2010

It is with great regret that we've had to close the shop in the Canal Market. We had a lot of fun but due to other obligations we're not able to keep it running. Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

We're still open in the Camden Lock Market, why not stop by and say hello. Until next time, take care, Thip and Steve.

New Shop - Camden Lock Village Market! :: 11th May 2010

Hey! Exciting news, we're moving up in the world... well, down the road anyway :) We've got a new shop in Camden Lock Village Market, we'll still be selling the same quality Thai clothing and we'll still be working there together. We'll be open for business on Thursday the 13th of May, it's shop number 308, pop by and say hello!

I haven't had time to put a map together yet, so here's one from the Camden Lock website: Map

We'll be away 29th of Sept through to 14th Oct :: 01.09.2008

... to celebrate Steve being on this planet for fifty years! Definately going to be a trip to remember.

If there's anything you want to get from us before we go, get in touch quick and we'll make sure you aren't disappointed.

Take care, see you soon, Thip and Steve.

We're back! :: 09.03.2009

Hi everyone! We're back from our break, feeling refreshed and ready for action! These past few months have been far from easy but things are getting better bit by bit.

So, from the 9th of March we'll be tending to your orders and back at Camden Market come the weekend.

Take care, see you soon, Thip and Steve.

We'll be away 12th Feb to the 5th March :: 21.01.2009

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know we're taking a break from the 12th of Feb to the 5th of March, we'll be away from the market and won't be able to answer emails or send out orders a few days before and a few after these dates.

Wishing you a happy new year, see you soon, Thip and Steve.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee're back :: 17.03.2008

Hi guys, just a quickie to let you know we're back for business as usual. Hope you're doing great, stop by and say hello when you're down next. Oh, and of course, we're ready to take orders again.

Taking a Break for Winter :: 31.01.2008

Hi guys, in case you're wondering we're still alive and trading... but that time has come again, we're heading to warmer waters to recharge our batteries.

We'll be taking a winter break from 18th February to March 13th. Any orders placed during that time will be made and sent shortly after the 13th of March.

Back and ready for the market :: 15.03.2006

We're back from out holiday and ready for the market.. see you there soon.

We're taking a break :: 22.01.2006

Just a quick note to let you know we're taking a break from the 15th of Feb though to the 8th of March. The last date that orders will be sent out is the 15th. If you're worried an order won't be with you in time, please email before you place an order.

New Credit Card Payments Through HSBC :: 20.06.2006

HSBC LogoRealising that not everybody has a PayPal account we've decided to introduce HSBC e-secure e-payments to our website.

We hope this is a welcome change for everybody, and of course you can still use PayPal if you want to, Just make your choice when you checkout.

Thank you very much, have a nice day.

Thip Top Open for Business as Usual :: 01.06.2006

Just a quick message to say Thip is back from Thailand and back to making clothes. Any orders should be delievered in the usual time frame.

New Fabrics for Floral Skirt and Trousers :: 28.03.2006

Along with the bright vibrant floral prints we've got on the web website, we have a range of gold print skirts on the market, hopefully these will brighten up your days! (Because the weather sure isn't anything to write home about!)

So how do you put them on then? :: 09.09.2005

CartoonVisitors to our old site will remember the fabulous cartoon drawn by our friend Rick. It showed step by step how to put on a pair of Thai Fisherman Trousers, well, Rick's done us a new one, we think you'll find it very useful :).

kids trousersWe've also been working on creating sizes for kids, we're offering these in the Original style. You'll need to email Thip with the measurements and any specifications you require and she'll be able to give you a price. We don't want to limit the selection at the moment by offering fixed sizes.

Denim & Corduroy Trousers now available! :: 24.08.2005

Typical British summer weather huh? You never know if it's gonna be hot or cold!

We've now got the same heavy weight material's we've been selling on the market stall available online, so now there's no need to compromise on your style when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

The added weight of the material means we can offer pockets on either the side's or back of the trousers as well... handy!

They're available from the Standard Cut Thai Fisherman's Trousers page...

New web site design :: 25.06.2005

Welcome to our new web site!

It's been a long time coming but it's finally ready for you to see.

You'll notice that we're now selling the fabulous skirts that you may have already seen on our stall, these come in a beautiful vibrant selection of floral print or Batik print 100% cotton fabrics.

We're now also 100% geared up to selling children's trousers, please email Thip for more details.

If you are having any problems viewing our site then please email Dan and explain your problem to him.

Check back soon for more news and updates! (or why not sign up to our new mailing list, just over there on the right ->)

Where to find us

Map of location of thiptop stall

Stall Location:
Middle Yard
Camden Lock

Thip Herself

I first came to England in 1991 for a brief time to visit my husband's family and friends.

Then in 1998 made my second visit but this time on a permanent basis.

I felt the need to achieve my own goals, so my husband and I decided to set up our own business and have a stall in Camden Lock Market.